~ Advantages of Using Digital Night Vision Rifle Scopes ~

Digital night vision rifle scopes appeared on the market in 2010, since then the technology has received a serious development. As a result, many models have been released that deserve attention. And although hunters are a conservative people, one can meet adepts of digital devices more often every day. This means that the technology is working greatly. Let's consider its features in more detail. Unlike traditional scopes with an Electro-optical converter (EOP), a night-time digital sight works differently. The technology used in digital rifle scopes with camera converts light into digital information, which is a revolutionary difference, which opens a number of unique opportunities.

How do Digital Rifle Scopes Work?

In a digital device, light is focused on a CCD-matrix, which is a two-dimensional (consisting of rows and columns) a system of photodiodes that react to light by accumulation of charge. These diodes are called pixels. Electronics removes the value of the charge of each pixel, proportional to the intensity of the light hit on the element. These values are amplified and converted into information about the position of the pixels and the power of their charge.

The information is processed, and then transmitted as a control signal to the input of the OLED display. As a result, an image appears on the screen. OLED-display is a device on semiconductors, which is made of special organic compounds, capable of emitting light when electric current passes through them. A photodiode is an element that receives optical radiation and converts it into an electric charge.

Advantages of Night Digital Scopes

Additional functions: video recording, contrast and brightness settings, battery charge indication, increase in sensitivity, recording of adjusting settings, control of the side curtain of the weapon, interchangeable sighting grids, compass and GPS navigation, WI-FI receiver, output of information on the operation of the sight to the screen. If you still don't have a rifle scope and don't know which functions are essential for your aims, then find out how to choose the best scope tailored to your needs here.






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